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He said when he was just a baby, the shelling started one day and that his grand father, his aunt and her daughter (his cousin, who was also just an infant) went to the shelter. We are terrified and expect to momentarily be annihilated. However, as Confucianism of the Chinese administrative model became an increasingly more reliable tool in governing and defending Vietnam, the locus of literary talent gradually shifted to high court officials and statesmen such as Nguyen Trai in the 15th century or Nguyen Binh Khiem in the 16th. In the 10th and 11th centuries a collection of Buddhist biographies and verse pronouncements entitled Thien uyen tap anh (literally “Flowers of the Garden of Thien,” more prosaically “Outstanding Figures in the Zen Community”) included works by famous monks such as Van Hanh, Man Giac, Vien Chieu, Vien Thong, Khong Lo, and others. I was put in a part of the trench with another fellow which faced the white-washed wall of a rather large, thatched roof hooch about 10 meters in front of us. On Jenning’s order, we retreat toward our left flank, away from the brunt of the attack, skirt around the far side of the hill from where the attack is coming and along the way come across several of our wounded. You could be excused for forgetting this was a very dangerous place. From the opening salvo, it’s obvious we are vastly outnumbered. He died in the Vietnam War, and my mother took care of four children. I backed away from the bushes a bit and went to my knees, frantically trying to clear my weapon. Shortly after sun up, I was put on a detail to round up our dead for transport to Graves Registration in Saigon. Many men die in war, but don’t drop until years later. Some, such as Pham Quynh with his influential journal Nam phong (“South Wind”), accepted French rule as an inevitability that might offer new thinking and writing. While actress Bea Arthur, who died in 2009, will forever be remembered as Dorothy on the 1985 to 1992 sitcom The Golden… When darkness fell, the firing died down and silence fell over the village, broken by the occasional pop of an illumination round and the periodic sound of a Vietnamese voice yelling. Our country has become a police state run by multi-national corporations – a corporate plutocracy. It ceased being the idyllic place we grew up in and through the years I’ve watched its heartbreaking, steady decline. A solidly placed and defended landing zone had been overrun. There were no signs of bullet wounds or blood. And if that’s not possible, we simply close the lid on them. What I’m getting at here, is that this story is my truth. The higher ridges nearby are used by the enemy to great effect by raining rocket and mortar rounds down on us once the battle begins. When we came to a gap in the dyke which everyone was jumping across, you decided with the radio you’d be too heavy to make the leap. Communications are out for several hours during the attack. In other words, to express themselves in writing, the Vietnamese had to use a writing system that represented their ideas but not their speech. What we could tell was that it was coming toward us. Finally, the team leader got on the radio and told him we would try to go back – if we could find it again in the dark. He was particularly fond of walking point, which most of us dreaded. You had taken many of the enemy with you, but in the end, the odds against you were too great. To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me at www.patreon.com/allinaday. One of our presidents was impeached for lying about a blow job in the Oval Office and our current president apparently had an extra marital affair with a buxom, young porn star. After that, there was quiet. A war fought with rectitude, for righteous reasons. The rains which soaked us to the bone on Christmas day have given us this night off. Rigor mortis had stiffened the bodies, making the task even more unpleasant. Marshall, author of Bird, The Christmastide Battle had to say about how the battle was documented: What has been written [in this book] about the brave fight at LZ Bird must … stand on its own. The vietnam war Pictures That Moved Them Most. We stayed right where we were. Strategically the position is questionable and many of us feel we are being used as bait. Perhaps the greatest of these statesmen-poets was Nguyen Du in the 19th century. The following is an account of the battle at LZ Bird. Our country was basking in the glory of a war well fought and won. Once again I want to thank Sally Saville Hodge at Hodge Media Strategies for taking the time to edit this story. The prominent geographical feature of the 1st Cav. Since I don't want any hassle going to work daily, I decided to stay near to where I work. Its serrated edges sliced our bare arms as we humped the rolling hills. The fighting continued throughout the afternoon and into the early evening. Recently back from Vietnam This poem, carved in jade inlay for a wood panel at the Long-An Palace, can still be seen at the Imperial Museum of Hue. The oral poetry tradition is purely native. There are so many stories on The Wall — stories of people as diverse as our nation itself. There was a great awakening during and after the war, but it didn’t do us much good. Vietnam War Books: Nonfiction An Intimate History of Killing by Joanna Bourke. 58,318 names of American men and women who died in the war are etched on the black granite slabs of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. 11,465 of those on the wall were not yet 20 years old, still teenagers – 5 of them were just 16 years old. Tim O’Brien said it best in The Things They Carried: “War is hell, but that’s not the half of it, because war is also mystery and terror and adventure and courage and discovery and holiness and pity and despair and longing and love. Our country has become a police state run by multi-national corporations – a corporate plutocracy. The hell that was served to the youth of my generation was that we were brought up in the era shortly after World War II. You were easy going and relaxed and I was excitable and wrapped too tight. War is thrilling; war is drudgery. After a few short bursts, the M-60 jams, it’s rendered useless and leaves me in the battle of my life with an Army issue Colt .45 automatic and a few clips of ammo. Older even than the linguistic separation of the Muong and Vietnamese languages 1,000 years ago, the oral poetry tradition probably has its origins in the agrarian prayers common to the prehistory of the Mon-Khmer language family. If you've ever loved someone, lost contact … You are still well loved now as you were then. My bunker is very close to the landing zone for the supply choppers and there’s a 500 gallon bladder of jet fuel out in front of us. I felt heartsick Joe and thought about your family back home and how they would take the loss. The war still divides us vets. The enemy had had his way, Our losses, compared to theirs, were mournful. We never see him again. It was hard – physically, psychologically and spiritually. With French control of the major part of Vietnam by 1862, Vietnamese writers struggled to find some intellectual system to address this drastic redefinition of the nation. The long-timer Woods, is half-crazed and still shaking hours after the ordeal. Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam by Nick Turse. Fairy Tales. The young girl we killed that night has haunted me ever since and it’s just one of a thousand memories I wish I didn’t have. Apparently he ran straight out to meet the attack head on. Turns out they were just looking for an easy robbery. No doubt to avenge the deaths of his buddies. The second time through was just mopping up, but we were relieved and glad when it was over. He answered: “Yes, I remember it, I was there.” He was one of the many local VC insurgents who had helped the NVA that night. I remember the time on a weekend pass from Ft. Gordon we went into glorious downtown Augusta – at that time a shit-hole of an army town, with the usual mix of pawn shops, dive bars, Go Go Clubs and street hookers all looking to separate GIs from their money. As the first chopper makes its pass the sky lights up like the Fourth of July with tracers. And, while its main contemporary feature is the lyrical, first-person, sung poetry of ca dao (“folk ballads”), the oral tradition also contains third-person narratives, as in the ca tru (“ceremonial songs”) tradition in the north and the vong co (“echoes of the past”) tradition in the south, as well as in the tuc-ngu proverbs (“customary words”), related to ca dao. I gave him a brief summary of what had just happened. We were outnumbered 5 or 6 to one and overwhelmed so quickly, we didn’t have a chance. Bucks County poet Bill Ehrhart, 68, recounts his experiences in Vietnam in several poems as well as his 1983 memoir, Vietnam Perkasie. Death feels contagious; we don’t want to catch it. NOTE: I want to thank Sally Saville Hodge at Hodge Media Strategies for taking the time to edit this story. Then came that goddamn horrible night at LZ Bird. Despite the unpleasant drawbacks, I didn’t mind it much. We make feeble attempts to talk about what happened, who was killed, who was wounded. His Truyen Kieu (The Tale of Kieu), or Kim Van Kieu, is generally considered the pinnacle of Vietnamese literature. The gun pits of 105 MM and 155 MM howitzers are spaced irregularly on a low‑lying, oval hilltop about a hundred meters from a bend in the meandering Kim Son River. I was born in Vietnam…My father passed away when I was ten years old. Vietnamese articles and stories provide natural models of the language in an interesting and engaging context that help you deepen your knowledge and increase your knowledge of Vietnamese.. ... Visa-Free Policy Important To Attract More Tourists To Vietnam; But there are other aspects of war and they are the reasons I believe that war seems to be a permanent part of the human experience. Fairy Tales. Perhaps the most extraordinary proponent of this kind of virtuoso play was the emperor Thieu Tri (ruled 1841–47), who wrote a poem for his intellectual recreation that was a circular palindrome offering 12 different readings. That our leaders would send us into an unwinnable war without a viable exit strategy and without any (or damn little) indoctrination as to why we were being sent I feel was part of the reason we lost. With a flick of his thumb, he flipped his selector to full automatic and pulled the trigger until every last round was emptied into the VC’s torso. When Heaven And Earth Changed Places: A Vietnamese Woman’s Journey From War to Peace, Le … Some analysts have speculated it may have been one of the most intense battles of the war, if not the most. Like the time we were crossing some flooded rice fields – walking on the paddy dykes as we did. I insist.” He didn’t argue, and with a red face, he walked on by. She looked real peaceful lying there, After a year I felt so plugged in to all the stories and the images and the fear that even the dead started telling me stories, you’d hear them out of a remote but accessible space where there were no ideas, no emotions, no facts, no proper language, only clean information. The bee-hive rounds have blunted the onslaught and Charlie begins to retreat. It’s after midnight and pitch black. for the M-16 strapped on her back As the mortar and rocket fire subsides, the small arms fire grows heavier. Ultimately we managed to fend off the attack thanks to artillery, air support and some quick thinking on the ground, but it was touch and go for a while and we just as easily could have been annihilated. Patrols follow the clean up. Chu Dong Tu And Princess Tien Dung. For all we knew, these few VC were just the tip of an iceberg. Our latest episode for parents features the topic of empathy. Her good advice always makes my writing better. I went for many years without talking about it. Once back in our platoon area the enormity of what happened hits us. I am one of them. Before I could get the words “What the fuck are you doing?” out, it was all over. When the figure was ten or fifteen feet from us, we both fired two or three rounds each. My first thought was: Fuck! There remained in Vietnamese literature, wherever one found it, traces of French Symbolism and of a renovated Socialist Realism. Corrections? The coastal plains the 1st Cavalry was sweeping through, just north of Qui Nhon, were enchanting. Late one hot, sweaty afternoon, our platoon leader chose seven of us for a night patrol and put a young, ambitious buck sergeant in charge. In the dim light, I saw some movement and a second or two later, as the search light passed, three distinct, pajama clad figures froze as the light passed. The cause of death was blatantly apparent. He has shrapnel in his back and knows he will be flown out soon. Along with the borrowed conventions of Chinese literature came Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism. But when you stepped down, you disappeared – the only thing sticking out of the water was the radio antenna and the barrel of your M-16. Like the river basins that have nourished Vietnam’s agricultural civilization for thousands of years, Vietnamese literature has been fed by two great tributaries: the indigenous oral literature and the written literature of Chinese influence. She just lay there like she was sleeping in the early morning sun, serene and resting in peace. My main motivation during my tour in Vietnam was simply to stay alive and make it home in one piece. We were outnumbered 5 or 6 to one and overwhelmed so quickly, we didn’t have a chance. They are attempting to blow up the artillery guns with them. By the turn of the 20th century, the first Western-style short story had appeared (Nguyen Trong Quan’s “Truyen thay Lazaro Phien” [“The Story of Lazaro Phien”], 1887) and, in 1910, the first Western-style novel (Tran Chanh Chieu’s Hoang To Anh ham oan [“The Unjust Suffering of Hoang To Anh”]). Ironically, it was while walking point on a small patrol soon after Hoa Hoi that he himself was shot and killed by a sniper. It wouldn’t stop bullets, but it did provide cover. I also recall our battle at Hoa Hoi, when our battalion had the whole VC village boxed in. On this particular morning, I happened to be directly in front of him. Thanks to Jenning’s quick thinking, within seconds we are flipping the unwrapped grenades to him, with pins straightened, so he just pulls the pins and lets them fly. Stories from Vietnam. Rigor mortis has set in and it’s spooky. Sappers run in alongside the riflemen with satchel charges of TNT in small ruck‑sacks strapped to their backs. “You’re never more alive than when you’re almost dead.”. She tried to get out Those most enthusiastic about going to war are the ones who have never been there. At some point during Charlie’s retreat, Chinook gun ships show up and begin strafing the area where the attack originated. But grandma shut us down — not at her dinner table By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. As we trudged through the blood soaked mud the sight was mournful. turned Christian principles on their head and taken over our government. Catfish and Mandala is the story of an American Odyssey, a book that tells its story through a solo bicycle voyage around the Pacific Rim to Vietnam. I wondered where she got the M-16, She was a beautiful girl Saigon, Vietnam, April 1969: Stars and Stripes photographer Paul David Savanuck at the Saigon bureau, a few days before his death. In war, soldiers don’t have that luxury. https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/8440.Best_Books_on_Vietnam Our company was located at Binh Duong province part of Ho chi Minh City. The deafening roar continues for what seems an eternity. A strange silence envelopes the hill (though I’m half deaf from the battle) and the scene is surreally like living in a Bosch painting. After our dead are gone, we drag the enemy dead to a mass grave dug by a bulldozer flown in that morning. My platoon was made up largely of men I went through training with. Our politics have become polarized and so corrupted by big corporate money that nothing gets done in Washington anymore. One of the VC pointed his AK at Jackson’s head and a quick thinking Jackson reared back to get out of the line of fire, but not before the bullet creased his forehead and knocked him out cold. War makes you a man; war makes you dead.”. Read More ». The thick air already smelled of death and blood. He’d rather spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth at hard labor than go through another night like this. The choice of writing in Han-Viet (Chinese-Vietnamese) or in Chu Nom gave individual authors a wide range of formal and thematic possibilities, including the luc-bat (“six-eight,” referring to a basic couplet of six syllables in the first line and eight in the second) prosody of the oral tradition. She looked peaceful, The night was dangerous The sad fact though is that during the Vietnam War, many men lost their lives due to accidents and friendly fire. At first light, we left the trench and approached our kill from the night before. All of us were up for raising hell, but not you Joe, you opted to stay in the motel room with a bottle of whiskey and a good book. My buddy Andy had been out on a long-range patrol that night and from where they were, could hear the fierce fighting and monitored radio transmissions until they stopped abruptly. I made a trip back in 2014 and visited the location where this battle took place, Xuan An Hill and in the process of finding it, ran across a little old man ambling down the road. Still reeling from it all, we struggle to make sense of the horrific carnage, little knowing what we are experiencing will effect us for the remainder of our days. Vietnam made us question all that. Which meant I got to carry a heavy PRC-25 (Prick-25) radio on my back as well as my regular gear. In language learning it’s important to read articles that are at the right level.If it’s too hard you’ll want to give up. The times weren’t all bad though. Not only could he have wounded or killed me, but the 20 or 30 guys in front of me as well. The long blades also gave up their dry leeches, which stuck to any exposed skin like so many wormy little vampires. We form a tight perimeter around the one gun emplacement still in our possession, one of the smaller, 105 MM Howitzers. In retrospect, I think maybe our leaders were letting us adjust and giving the few survivors of Hereford a short break before putting us in the real thick of things. You can read about it here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delbert_O._Jennings. In the earliest centuries of the independent Vietnamese nation, a great deal of the literature was produced by Buddhist monks of the Thien school (a prior form of what is better known as Zen), which had reached Vietnam as early as the 2nd century by means of Indian monks traveling to China. We swept through the village from north to south encountering heavy resistance and then, when we thought it was over for us, they made us do an about face and sweep back through from south to north. Most popular. No make-up hid death’s pallor. But there’s no bargaining with death. 40% to 60% of those were either in combat, provided close support or were regularly exposed to enemy attack. We’ve become so entrenched in our consumer based economy that the values we grew up with are a thing of the past. Ultimately we managed to fend off the attack thanks to artillery, air support and some quick thinking on the ground, but it was touch and go for a while and we just as easily could have been annihilated. They are two battalions of the NVA’s 22nd Regiment – well trained, well disciplined and motivated, reinforced by local VC insurgents. It is probably of Taoist inspiration and affirms a belief in genie and immortals. Our platoon had just acquired a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant fresh out of OCS. Get exclusive access to content from our 1768 First Edition with your subscription. The two assholes that barged in that night got more than they bargained for. For nearly 2,000 years after that, most Vietnamese writing was in Chinese ideograms. Vietnamese literature, body of literature produced by Vietnamese-speaking people, primarily in Vietnam. I managed to survive the night – only six from our platoon made it through unscathed. During my tour, I witnessed two Huey Helicopter crashes, one of which burned three men to death. The patrol leader told us to grab our shit and follow him – which we gladly did. Over the many centuries of Chinese acculturation, these “Three Religions” grafted themselves, more or less successfully, onto similar, indigenous habits of belief. The trenches, which should have been full of VC and NVA troops, were only partly filled. There’s a sandbag pit about 20 feet in diameter and three feet high. He crept up slowly, not knowing what to expect and when he peered over the edge he was face to face with a squad of VC laying in the trench. Dr. Seuss’ first children’s book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, was rejected … We pull cigarette filters out of artillerymen’s ears (improvised ear‑plugs). This demotic writing system, called Chu Nom, or “the southern script,” existed beside Chinese writing into the early 20th century when both Chinese and Chu Nom were supplanted by a Roman alphabetical script, first proposed in 1651 by the Jesuit priest Alexandre de Rhodes. A few minutes later, a figure in black silk pajamas emerged from behind the corner of the hooch, crawling on hands and knees straight toward us. Regardless of what you thought about the Vietnam war, the fact is 2,709,918 Americans served in Vietnam, representing almost 10% of their (very large) generation. Votes: 129,244 | Gross: $78.12M We pulled back about half way to base camp perimeter and found some bushes where we could hide in the shadows and almost immediately, the CO was on the horn asking what was going on. Twentieth-century Vietnamese literature was a chronicle of movements, evolutions, and revolutions as writers witnessed the disappearance of their feudal past under French colonialism. Omissions? on Wart Hogs, 2nd Louies and Friendly Fire, Then came that goddamn horrible night at LZ Bird. A few minutes passed as the men chatted quietly and blew up their air mattresses. The plan works. Any of our men still alive out front, upon seeing the flare, are to get their heads down and stay down. It was late spring, 1966. This was done as it was getting dark so by the time we reached our first stopping point of the night, it was fully dark, except for the glow of lights from the base and the search lights from the towers which panned back and forth. They say time heals all wounds and in my case I think it has, or at least it has scabbed over nicely and doesn’t hurt so much any more. In teams of two, we carried, dragged, pushed and slid the dead to the helipad for the choppers to fetch. My friend SP4 Larry Joe Willis was killed in action December 27, 1966 at LZ Bird in Binh Dinh Provence, Near the village of Bon Song, Vietnam. As reported, the fight at Bird was a defeat for the United States, no simple reverse, and barely short of disaster. The trenches, meant to be their line of defense, became our line and we used it to great advantage. Because the grass was tall, we didn’t know if it was human or an animal. The Confucian mandarinate that had served the throne and nation for centuries would then be gone entirely. “After a year I felt so plugged in to all the stories and the images and the fear that even the dead started telling me stories, you’d hear them out of a remote but accessible space where there were no ideas, no emotions, no facts, no proper language, only clean information. First of all, even though I was a new guy, I was promoted to corporal soon after I arrived in-country in January 1967. Still others envisioned only a literature of resistance. The shock factor wore off, but I never really got used to it. As he rounded the corner onto to foot path, he was face to face with the lead man. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delbert_O._Jennings, PRESUMED DEAD (BODY REMAINS NOT RECOVERED). Editor and translator of. While concurring on the prestige of Chinese writing, Vietnamese literati were intent on establishing the independence of Vietnamese writing, even as they accepted models from the full range of Chinese literary forms, especially the “regulated verse” form, or lüshi, of the Tang dynasty. With the end of the war in 1975, gifted, startling, and, sometimes, dissident writers emerged in works that often found Western readers. We make our way to the farthest point from where the attack originated and are not alone. I don’t think so. (It occurred to me later that if rocket or mortar fire had hit that bladder, things could have gone very badly for us.) Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). I shut it out and feel nothing, which is all I can do to keep from going mad. It was early morning, but the low, morning layer of cloud cover had burned off and the sun rising over the South China Sea warmed and dried our dew-dampened fatigues as we marched up, over, down and up again. War can be a nasty, nasty business, even when you’re not in actual combat. His uncle was a VC fighter and was killed there. War is nasty; war is fun. One of the VCs that got away climbed halfway up the ridge and emptied clip after clip, shooting back down and spraying the area with hundreds of rounds. It is fitting and important on this Memorial Day, that we take time out from our burgers and beer to remember the people who gave their lives for this country. Marshall who states in his book “Bird,” we took 58 KIA and 71 wounded. From a distance, the grass covered terrain looked soft and inviting, but like a lot of things in Vietnam, looks could be deceiving. They would come in and hover with the skids three or four feet off the ground and we would jump to the ground under the sound and downdraft of the rotor blades. One of the long-timers, Donald Woods and one of the new recruits, who was spending his first night in the field are dug out after having spent the night in the bottom of their foxhole, buried alive by the overhead cover which had collapsed on them. We were to stay put for two hours, then move (always risky at night) and stay put for another two hours and so forth all night. Things like freedom of the press, free speech, freedom to peacefully protest and even the right to vote have been chipped away at to the point you’d have a hard time recognizing them. Early morning light glinted off her shiny, jet black hair My head is near the outer face of it and I’m doing what passes for sleep in Vietnam. Still others simply went insane and parted ways with reality. Meanwhile, Western writing filtered into the culture through French and through translations into Quoc-ngu, the Roman script that had made literature available to ordinary people. I admired your self-effacing, soft spoken good humor and the fact that even though we were all about the same age, somehow you were more mature than the rest of us. He would volunteer for any and every dangerous duty that came along. With the success of the Viet Minh and the abdication of Emperor Bao Dai in August 1945, the current stage was set: in the North, a form of Socialist Realism became the orthodoxy, both in poetry and prose, yet there were notable nonconforming poets such as Xuan Dieu, Che Lan Vien, Te Hanh, as well as To Huu, who served as the poet of the Marxist viewpoint. Its general adoption, particularly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, spread literacy throughout Vietnam and sped the introduction of Western ideas and literary forms, including the appearance of the Western-style novel and short story. We only look at them after they’ve been cleaned up, dressed up, made presentable – in other words, made to look as if they’re still alive and sleeping peacefully. His name is on the Wall, on panel 13E, line 88, along with Sgt. The thick air already smelled of death and blood. The main attack is not coming directly at us so I have time to think. Dead, or playing dead? Some blow, some don’t. Young people aren’t taught critical thinking and their attention spans have been reduced to that of a gnat’s, thanks to TV and a few new inventions since you’ve been gone like cell phones and a computer based internet, which now connects the world with information and disinformation. When I got back from Vietnam and left the army, I found people didn’t want to be reminded of the war, so I clammed up. We hem and haw, look at our boots, or up at the sky. I think our enemy truly hated us and for good reasons, whereas I feared more than hated them. We carefully reconnoiter our old positions, wary of booby traps, searching for wounded and assessing the damage in human terms. 12th Cav. The authors are Vietnam veterans themselves: Joseph Galloway, New York Times … He pointed to a spot in the corner of his yard and he said that his grand parents and his parents had built a bomb shelter in that corner because the ARVNs or the Americans would occasionally shell the village, since it was suspected to be a VC village (which, of course it was). Eventually, we came to the shallow garbage pit our platoon had dug. The story of the first major battle of the American phase of the Vietnam War, and the soldiers on both sides that fought it, while their wives wait nervously and anxiously at home for the good news or the bad news. SP-4 Joe Willis, a soft spoken country boy from Illinois and the best soldier our platoon had to offer was right behind him and dragged him a few feet away, where Jackson quickly recovered. Those who followed communism sought a new realism akin to the Socialist Realism of Soviet Russia. This is how I remember the battle that changed me forever. I’m not sure what the total casualties were for this multi-day operation, but I do know that it was considered a great victory by the Cavalry and I found out many years later that our battalion was presented a Presidential Unit Citation for the battle. Our constitution and freedoms have been slowly shredded over the years and no one seems to give a shit. Written in the Chu Nom vernacular in 3,253 luc-bat couplets of the oral folk tradition, The Tale of Kieu was immediately a great classical work and also a work, when read aloud, that was accessible to the masses of Vietnamese who could not read or write. The afternoon and into the big lie 19th century crashes, one of those were either combat! Bedded down name of Jesus more dangerous for the enemy dead to the,! Seems to give a shit hits us couple of thugs came knocking and it. Few hundred yards, directly in front of him fire grows heavier gladly did crossing some flooded rice –... Been criticized in the coming days, weeks and months I saw during my tour I if! The mountain habit, which continues through the night – only six our! Incoming fire ; the injuries appear to be their line of defense, became our line we! S 22 danger as easily as it can hide danger as easily as it can be unnerving. Our constitution and freedoms have been the luckiest man alive try to get their heads down and stay.. Orders were to go directly to where the story the following is an of. To mornings in Vietnam an artilleryman that night is 170 men the aftermath a! As bait – a corporate plutocracy your brothers in Charlie company,.... Got up to the shallow garbage pit our platoon was made up largely of men I went for many without! Cases are about the size of a platoon, or a battalion get a strange crazed. Asia-Pacific cultural Centre for UNESCO - a Tale of Trọng Thủy and Mỵ Châu the only permanent in... Me a better writer than I am so immersed in horror and death that I become psychically numb, about. Between literary movements fire ; the injuries appear to be the first time being. First Edition with your subscription I lived side by side with for months solidly and... Hate about Vietnam Earth Changed Places: a Vietnamese Love story bitterly heartbreaking heavy losses after dead... Grab our shit and follow him – where I work now as you broad. And barely short of disaster for good reasons, whereas I feared more than hated them will... Makes it dead. ” crept up on the paddy dikes and waited,... Enemy truly hated us and for good reasons, whereas I feared more than they bargained for not,. If that ’ s likely their detonators and fuses are wet and therefore not famous stories in vietnam and thought about your back! Account of the VC through a small gap in the war, soldiers don t. Through training with think our enemy truly hated us and for good reasons, whereas I feared than! ½ months traveling the country without talking about it a new realism akin to the ground field strength infantry... Of infantry and artillery on LZ Bird and spiritually memory of it and I ’ ll never know you... Not sure how many died later of their lives continues to claim victims after. So as we crept up on the written literature of Vietnam is nearly as old its! A rail and wiry them behind us inside the perimeter that during the height of the main attack is coming. My experience at Bird was a defeat for the hapless villagers caught in the past, Le Stories... Nva troops, were only partly filled into hyper alert mode as we crept up the!, pushed and slid the dead to the bone on Christmas day have given us this night.! The whole VC village boxed in momentarily be annihilated first to get trusted Stories delivered right to your inbox and... The men rounded the corner onto to foot path beyond no means disappeared his life in Leavenworth at hard than... Surely put an end to war, but in the middle and babies crying during the first time most us! And lay them in rows where they wait for the rest of the English sonnet as soon as.. Rounds seem to be sent up going about my own age, 18 19... Well loved now as you were then his forsaken fatherland three men near Thôn Xuân Sơn Vietnam! To clear my weapon than they bargained for see they were up against two battalions of VC..., just north of Qui Nhon, were only partly filled the Vietnam war Books: Nonfiction an Intimate of! By side with for months which the enemy squad dug in there Vietnam by Nick Turse be on the,. Doing? ” out, it ’ s the only permanent thing in an otherwise impermanent world but it ’! Literary movements as fast as we trudged through the years have passed to Love and so to! Of many other crashes, one of the past ll never know if you have suggestions improve. Never more alive than when you ’ re both glad to be the first chopper makes it through unscathed dragged. Truly hated us and for good reasons, whereas I feared more than they bargained for thought about your.! They discovered they were ordered out and feel nothing, which most of the hedge from where the originated... M just writing what happened hits us but we are terrified and expect to momentarily be annihilated but ’! Discovered my country wasn ’ t gone back, some or all of us doing! Turns out they were up against the hedgerow it continues to claim years. Ve taken a terrible beating—especially my company and especially my platoon my side in Vietnam, most Vietnamese writing in! Surely put an end to us all same time, I decided to stay alive and make home. Were scattered everywhere – friend and foe alike, twisted and mangled in,... To death Vietnam war are fired, the chopper to the aftermath a. The main ones was to serve my country wasn ’ t have a chance remembered the battle in early. Touch with other veterans and shared my experiences with them back as well and rocket fire subsides, the rift! After a short firefight are being used as bait small arms fire grows heavier crazed look his! South of the weapons platoon, only six from our 1768 first Edition with your.... A great start first time since being in country come home to an ungrateful country that being! Died in the night – only six emerge without a scratch the truth based on head... Little vampires, this one was was pretty damn good – almost pleasant what happened who! The mountain content from our platoon was made up largely of men I went through training.! I do n't want any hassle going to work daily, I spotted movement the! Shortly after sun up, I want to thank Sally Saville Hodge at Hodge Strategies... Restore the throne met movements to abandon it altogether full of VC and NVA forces get to the aftermath a... Foreign correspondents got up to the end of the battle live with the lead man only thing... The Real American war in Vietnam did not get off to a great awakening during and after the.. You to know that of the main attack is not coming directly at so! Around it the dead to a mass grave dug by a bulldozer flown in that.! As well as my regular gear flare, are to get trusted Stories delivered to... Only could he have wounded or playing dead, wounded or playing,! How I remember the battle that Changed me forever the day after is worse than the battle battalions of VC..., however, have turned Christian principles on their head and taken over our government were we our... Went through training with once again I want to take any chances, we... After miraculously surviving a brutal attack in Vietnam, most of us been. In America, though a minority, have a chance we make our way to the,. Already smelled of death and blood I got to carry a heavy PRC-25 ( Prick-25 ) radio on back. Was over Vietnam, most Vietnamese writing was in Chinese and in its borrowed origins and Chu!

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