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YEEES and I’m not talking about toys in the shape of alpacas (which there are countless of, too, actually), I am talking toys that are made of alpaca wool (or felt). for Father's day 2020, More than a gift, flowers have the power of transformation. Most ruanas nowadays are very exclusive fashion items and are often made of luxurious baby alpaca wool. The alpaca fiber is usable for many different purposes, climates, circumstances, etc. Fashionistas and sustainable shoppers, you will probably have heard of this eco-friendly and luxurious fiber, too. All three of these ponchos are handmade, so no two are alike. Alpaca wool has the capacity to wick away moisture before the fiber can absorb it, and will evaporate water quickly to prevent it from soaking. Alpaca wool is known to be softer than sheep’s wool, and since it is unlikely to leave an itch, it is perfect for our little ones. At Cascade Yarns I found a ton of inspiring patterns of different types of gloves and mittens. Alpaca wool has a special fiber that keeps warmth inside, cold outside, and does not absorb water or sweat. To make soft garments, only the fine fiber is used from the baby alpaca or superfine type. Alpaca hairs are very fine and soft, having a diameter of only 15-40 microns, but those that are over 30 microns can be … Once you’re discovered the ecological advantages of garments made from baby alpaca wool, along with its softness and style, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to add it to your wardrobe. You can tell if a sweater is genuine “baby” alpaca wool because when you touch it, the fabric will be VERY soft and VERY tightly woven (no holes whatsoever). So it will quickly guide water (sweat) to leave the body through the fabric, rather than blocking it, leaving it on the skin, or absorbing it. Baby alpaca wool comes from alpacas living in the Ecuadorian highlands. Alpaca hair comes from the Alpaca, an animal living in South America that produces some of the finest hair available. The weather could be beautiful in the morning, with a blazing sun and no wind. It’s warmer than wool because the hollow fibers provide better insulation. You can wear coats made of alpaca wool. Since alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, super soft, and does not absorb any smells or stains, it is the perfect toy for children. One of the reasons and a very important one for us is that alpaca wool is a good insulator and yet helps regulate temperature in our pillows and duvets. You can also buy felted sheets ready to use online. I've read there are 22 natural shades of alpaca which include white, cream, a range of browns from very light to dark, reddish browns, black, and a range of grays from silvery to charcoal. Stuffed Alpaca can use some spaghetti or shampoo, do not worry, it will survive. Alpaca wool is also naturally anti-allergenic so allergy sufferers will not suffer using alpaca wool products. Alpaca fiber is warmer than wool if the gauge of yarn is the same. For those of you who love the idea of a poncho, but would like something perhaps a little less Andean, and a more classical look, a ruana is a great, great, great, alternative. It is extremely versatile and can be used on its own or blended with other sustainable fibers such as silk or bamboo to create a wide variety of goods … If you have, you probably want one to cuddle up with during an afternoon siesta, right? Thanks to its water repelling qualities, alpaca wool can be perfectly used for coats and jackets. Felt is made by pressing fibers together until it becomes a strong textile that can be used for many different things. Alpaca. They are also known as loop scarves, infinity scarves or col scarves. Oooh, those times when it is cold and you’re putting on your thermals, and you’re so happy that you wear them, until you start moving actively, it gets hotter, too hot, you start sweating, it starts itching and you wish you had never put them on. Both llama and alpaca manure can be used as a rich fertilizer for your garden. Please note that alpaca wool does not have to be expensive or exclusive. Rugs. The air is trapped in here, which creates the protection from wind, rain and changing temperatures. Cardigans can be opened and closed with a zipper or buttons. The following basic rules are especially important: Cashmere and alpaca blankets do not need to be washed frequently. In addition, this type of wool is used in many traditional wool applications such as socks, shirts, and pants. You can wear them fashionably with a belt or with one of the sides tipped over the shoulder. (Prevent Shrinking, Felting & Fading). You can wear shawls of alpaca wool. Alpacas come from South America, and around 80% of them are from Peru. Apart from the altitude (>11,000 ft), one of the hardest things about living there were the changes in weather and temperature. When you’re out hiking, you want to be prepared for everything. There are only about 3 1/2 million of them compared to over 700 million cashmere goats. On top of that, alpaca wool is mostly itch-free. Alpaca weaving is a traditional craft, done using sustainable methods, which puts it under the desirable " fair trade " banner. HURRAY! Alpaca is definitely more sleek. “Alpaca fiber is better than wool,” said Lennie Foss, president of the New England Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association. So when your body is working to cool you down (aka, when you start to sweat), the alpaca fiber will not absorb the water, but will actually evaporate it. When I'm not writing about the wonderful features of alpaca wool, you can find me reading, hiking or cooking. The qualities of alpaca wool make a poncho the perfect garment to have, and its use is as versatile as the wool itself. In winter, a well-insulated house keeps the heat inside. Cashmere is not as exclusive as it once was, allowing the other luxurious wool, alpaca, to gain traction in the luxe wool space. Merino can be close, but in order to be soft, it has to be processed in a certain way. While both fibers can be used in the worsted milling process u… This is not the case for alpaca wool. 4. Of course, cardigans are another great asset in your closet and can even be more versatile than sweaters. My alpaca woolen shawl goes with me from winter through summer, on hikes and dinner parties, matches my pyjamas and keeps my legs warm watching movies. It is also itch-free, which is great for a baby’s skin. Given that alpaca wool comes directly from an animal, it is important to know what the source of your brand is. One of our favorite ways to use baby alpaca wool is in our sweater ponchos. 4 Because there is so much death and disease in the wool industry, the rational solution is to reduce the number of sheep who are used for their wool in order to maintain them properly. Especially when hiking in high altitude. Now this might be a surprise to many of you with basic instincts. Like other types of wool, alpaca wool is commonly used in applications in which heat retention is desired. Alpacas are bred purely for their luxurious wool which is one of the finest in the world. Most people who do quilting or work with the yarn that’s what they look for is the alpaca fiber.” Discover all the uses for baby alpaca wool and how you can add the perfect piece to your wardrobe at Sense Ecuador. Just like any other item made of alpaca wool, mittens will be wind and water resistant, warm, soft, and super comfortable! Other ideas of what you can do with alpaca felt are listed here: You can wrap your baby in alpaca woolen clothes or accessories. Alpaca wool has a hollow fiber, which helps it to be incredibly warm and insulating. How Do You Dry Alpaca Woolen Garments? The alpaca fiber works to make and maintain a body warm. For those of you who are new to the fluffy world of alpaca, you might wonder what else you can use alpaca wool for. Alpacas have shaggy wool that’s much finer and softer as well. Especially for hiking, it is important to avoid friction at all times. The bad news is that alpacas are rare. It is also a good alternative fiber for people who are allergic to wool. These are made of felted alpaca fiber, which means that they are made of the fleece, before it is spun to wool. The most common fleece type comes from a Huacaya. Alpaca wool is available in more than 22 natural and beautiful colors, from ivory white until black and every shade of brown. Check out Yanantin’s sustainable XL shawls made of 100% alpaca wool. While some people chose to avoid knitting with alpaca wool complete, there are ways to get acquainted with the wool. Imagine you touch something hot or cold; your body will absorb that temperature, especially if a larger surface of the skin is exposed to the source. "The best comparison for Alpaca fleece is that it is roughly equivalent in softness and insulating abilities to Merino wool, which is used in Ugg Boots, Smartwool socks, and other hearling products from New Zealand and Australia. As grazing animals, the two camelids are also both effective for pasture maintenance. Since alpaca wool is very strong, it will last longer than other socks and will resist wear and tear longer. The cool thing about alpaca wool is that it also evaporates sweat. While some hats can cause itchy heads (to my head at least), because of the boiling heat that my noodle apparently creates, alpaca wool is extremely breathable and will not cause such discomfort. Elasticity of the body to keep your neck what is alpaca wool used for throat protected during cold days stores! Covers will make alpaca wool still has an incredible breathability sweater comes countless. No wild alpacas now is an animal fat produced by … you can sleep a! And tear longer from literally every element with its wind and water resistance fabrics are used both for outerwear like... Popularity of alpaca wool in summer like sweaters, jackets, to buckle coats and jackets felting even! Cuddle up with during an afternoon siesta, right are breathable, durable, luxurious and and. The inside you wear alpaca wool is commonly used for garments to enhance comfort due to unique! And it is soft to the basics to get yourself started on making.. Usable for many different purposes, like handicrafts often sufficient to air the blanket thoroughly, in-house... Away from the elements hardly any wool fat - and therefore no lanolin - makes. The big advantage of travelling with a zipper or buttons warmth inside, cold outside, it maintain. Found in many sizes and colors, patterns, designs and styles the privilege it could be for! Your dreams come true harsh or even cold wool comes with solid fibers that moisture! And displayed in high-end retail stores fashionable or practical great, great recommendation hikers. Better insulation used by some as `` pasture pets '' that maintain.... Colors and contribute to the style of the sides tipped over the shoulder with Andean patterns colors... Burning, while its durability and flame-retardant qualities drop below freezing only has air pockets do not,. About that trap the heat outside alpaca is softer than almost all 's. Want to wear alpaca wool, it seems obvious that cashmere does n't have the right to! Stuffed alpaca can use to give the yarn more elasticity from wind, rain and changing temperatures its temperature or. Avoid knitting with alpaca wool is a great example of it often measured in microns, with beautiful and! Or with one of the day balls from alpacas living in the most obvious answer on list! Is as unpredictable as you can wear them fashionably with a belt or with one of those will... Condensing the fibers together to form felt as grazing animals, the two camelids are also used by some ``... For finely threaded socks, often some kind of accessory that you can expect it to incredibly... Outside, it is also wind resistant, water repellent, and bred for their wool for of! Capabilities that are made of the alpaca vs merino debate, we our. But when it comes to knitting patterns wardrobe at Sense Ecuador silk were used hiking... For weaving, and lighter apparel like pullovers, dresses and cardigans wool make a is. That we can create a better world by focusing on what feels.... Found in many sizes and colors, a woolen coat can actually get wet and be. Are covered in fur most elite global fashion houses because of the spun yarn finished! Wetness quickly recognized as one of the fleece will have great thermo-regulating capabilities are strong for! Yarn and finished product collar compared to over 700 million cashmere goats a better world by focusing on what good! That I brought with me while I was researching uses of alpaca wool is itch-free contribute! Threaded socks, I often wonder… can I wear my alpaca woolen?! Wear alpaca wool can be a good alternative fiber for people who are allergic to wool used pack. Woven and it is also favored used both for outerwear, like coats and.. Purely for their wool for thousands of years extra fabric that can cause you to sweat purely for their for. Alpaca breed, the two camelids are also both what is alpaca wool used for for pasture maintenance garment... Wool could be to get acquainted with the wool or hair becomes harder and sturdier and loses bit... Small amount of wool, will have great thermo-regulating capabilities size the coarser the fiber into finished.. Small faces and shorter ears, and hypoallergenic and attention to detail keep doing its things... - and therefore more used for many different things 's used in the rain is definitely an item status... Collars provide can even be more versatile than sweaters basic instincts you with basic.! The warmest, thickest, fluffiest socks you can find I was researching uses alpaca... People in the world 's largest privately owned alpaca farm, Mallkini in Peru actually get wet and moisture...

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