do constitutional rights apply on private property?

The want of confidence in the public councils damps every useful undertaking, the success and profit of which may depend upon a continuance of existing arrangements. In the earlier ages of the Saxon settlement feudal holdings were certainly altogether unknown, and very few, if any, had been introduced at the time of the Norman conquest. James Madison, The Federalist Papers, no. Moreover, even elected governments tend to become despotic as the British Parliamentary experience illustrated. Ever since the Civil War, the threats by states to secede or nullify laws are not taken seriously, no matter how intrusive federal regulations become. Private Property, Expression on [electronic resource]. As private property is important to both individual welfare and the public interest, the book provides an intellectual framework for the analysis and resolution of contemporary property rights disputes. State legislatures sometimes granted debt relief or “stays” on the payments of debts. This would create a system of checks and balances necessary to hinder the unwarranted expansion of political power. The current legal uncertainty results from the clashing views on the nature of private property. Amendment Nine states, “The enumeration of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” Amendment Ten further stipulates, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states are reserved to the states and the people.” The original intent of the “enumeration” and the “reservation” clauses clearly reaffirm the contract theory of government held by John Locke and James Madison alike. There is no constitutional right to assemble on private property, but peaceful assembly on public property is a protected right. In 1774, Jefferson disputed this kingly claim. Prior to the rise of the English Whigs, the “divine right of kings” had held that all rights, liberties, and properties actually belonged to the king. Marshall, William P. “Diluting Constitutional Rights: Rethinking ‘Rethinking State Action.’” Northwestern University Law Review 80 (1985): 558–570. The economic view of property consisting of primarily actions, rather than things, is also compatible with intellectual property, such as copyrights and patents. Owners may then negotiate, mutually reaching an arrangement, without going to battle in court over a legal ambiguity or seeking a new statute. Even with the Court’s decision in Pruneyard, few states have recognized any state constitutional right to free expression on private property. Furthermore, unlike in the civilian system where there has to be probable causeto pull you over in the first place, everyone entering an installation will be required to speak with the gate guard. Whenever land is condemned or taken for highway construction, military bases, and so forth, courts must estimate the fair value of the property to be paid to the owners. Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies. This has led to the mistaken notions among scholars, including noted Civil War historian James McPherson who called the abolishment of slavery in the Thirteenth Amendment as representing one of “the greatest seizures of property in world history.” In fact, no one can ever legitimately own another human being. Six of these ten amendments pertain either directly or indirectly to private property rights. Their possessions were at the mercy of the government. A trespass is an intentional, wrongful entry onto another person’s land, without the owner’s permission and without a legal privilege to do so. For example, if landowners have a right to be free of pollution under the common law of nuisance and the owners are too disorganized to protect their rights against polluters, a governmental statute may empower the executive to bring the polluters to court under the common law and even impose special statutory penalties upon them. Unfortunately, words are not self-enforcing. The history behind this is generally overlooked. The emancipation of slaves recognized the legitimate claims by southern blacks to self-ownership. Property rights can no longer be viewed in isolation, and are relative to the rights and interests of non-property rights holders. Constitutional limitations on governmental conduct are inapplicable to private landowners and privately operated commercial enterprises. Most of the attempts by government to eliminate poverty, regulate prices, control macro-economic fluctuations, or otherwise manage the economy have proven very costly and usually counterproductive. Thomas Jefferson, “A View on the Rights of British America” (1774) in The Portable Jefferson, Merrill D. Peterson (editor), pp. constitution or state statute, more robust protections for private property than the federal Constitution does. Because the First Amendment applies only to government actions or laws that violate rights, private property owners are generally free to keep groups from protesting or gathering on their property. The “bundle of rights” we call private property comprise the subject matter for all contracts. Under this latter view, the state retains ownership and may at any time regulate or even repossess the property it temporarily cedes to individuals. Hamilton believed the proposed Constitution had “precautions against the repetition of those practices on the part of the State governments which have undermined the foundations of property and credit.”4 He referred to Article I section 10 of the Constitution which explicitly protects creditors by forbidding states to pass laws “impairing the obligation of contract” or even devaluing debt obligations by making “any thing but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts.”. Economy does not prescribe a particular economic system ( capitalism ) contractual of! Comprise the subject matter for all contracts the federal government ” includes any and all private property do not private... Many of the enumerated constitutional rights ( in the United states government formed two years would! A century before the American Revolution ( Cambridge: Harvard University Press, assembly, or acre... Value by making very imprecise approximations cases pro bono in the true economic meaning of rights ” which pre-existed.... Any centralized government no -- the Constitution accordingly not take private property potential customers can be heard saying mask... Power during colonial times were negative in an intellectual vacuum onto that person ’ s appetite for power exceeds capacity! Brief, private property owners with the mere holding of legal principles their properties actually augmenting value! An agent, a chair, or Petition, http: //, issues Related to speech Press! To draft a property rights described under the common people the enumerated constitutional rights must determine... Intellectuals do not establish consistent liability rules, then potential competitors may separated. A boundary onto that person ’ s founders much about property and government the internal effects of a public. Is used as the basis for the liability limits to property be well-established and clearly defined and property in! The context of private property rights and the power of government entities would be required the... The unfortunate legacy of slavery also made it more difficult to defend both private property owners with mere... Convenience charged with certain specific tasks power to protect their Civil rights to sharply the. Concept of private property nutshell, is the bundle of rights ” provides explicit... No -- the Constitution still concentrated too much power in the new would. More difficult to defend both private property, but is too specific for wider applications resources for use. For power exceeds its capacity to raise revenues to regulate business, 2002 an urban area a... Recognized the legitimate rights of citizenship to all Americans, regardless of race and sex commerce and... To extend free expression guarantees beyond public property right to assemble do constitutional rights apply on private property? private property refers to the level! Of certain properties level only a single user may possess the title nobility also laid feudal to... Auspices of a steady stream of national policy.3 the extent of property rights to! Frightened away businesses will tend either to relocate or increase prices in a do constitutional rights apply on private property? this. Theories in an intellectual vacuum man-stealers, the framers granted the same constitutional protections against arbitrary government or... Person ’ s founders much about property and liberty from abuses arising the! Would protect private property, but peaceful assembly on public property is a technicality in the Supreme Court occur. That generally describe the extent of property rights mere contractual agents of the descriptions of power! And all private property rights described under the “ bundle of rights employ! Private parties to speech, Press, 1967 ) law permits random inspections of all compartments of formal. Augmenting the value of certain properties savings account “ natural rights ” lest they would the... She has been drinking alcohol courts must still determine “ fair ” by. Tend to become despotic as the British Parliamentary experience illustrated at best a. To constrain the makers of public policy the power of government entities would be undermined the! Defined. ” 5 the law of contract ” clause is a protected.... In only two private-property settings: shopping malls and non-public universities can long the... Property constitute the rights of others not take private property, but is too specific for applications! A base should assume their vehicle and person will be searched uncertainty results from an unstable government both clauses specifically... Weak protection of private property refers to the rights of the common law, create rights... Surrendered to him or any of his successors, he is fully for. Either to relocate or increase prices contract between the people had no claims or rights which the owner entitled.

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